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Marine Ky

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Battambang / Cambodia, 2015

'22 Years' is a collaboration with cambodian artist Marine Ky. They met in Battambang during the world trip in 2015. Passionated by texture and prints they decided to create a capsule collection of three pieces. The printed fabrics are 22 years old and date back to Marine's beginning of fabric-printing. 
about marine ky
Marine Ky was born into a Chinese-Khmer family from Phnom Penh. Following the period of intensive bombings by the U.S.A. and its support of the Lol Nol Government, she left Cambodia with her grandparents and have since become a global citizen from France and Australia, a returnee part of the Khmer diaspora. Her life and art has been much informed by her experiences of displacement and growing up from being a child refugee to an adult in the West. Over twenty-two years of practice, she has showed extensively in solo exhibitions in Australia, Cambodia & Singapore. As part of group exhibitions, her work had been seen in Asia, notably in Japan, Thailand, Singapore & Cambodia.

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