Portrait Film


Art Direction

collaboration with

Inny Taylor

where & when

New York City / USA, 2016


Inny Taylor is a New York based writer,
Brooklyn lover and day-to-day adventurer.
I documented her inspiring personality in a 3min film. It's about Inny and my interpretation of her poem 'Remember', which she wrote in november 2015. 

Inny Taylors texts and poems are published
on c-heads magazine .




Remember when you stood across the room watching me through the crowd; you
couldn’t take your eyes off of me and you wondered if I could ever be yours for a night

Remember when you texted me and I was half asleep – I told you that –
you said, “You should be dancing with me.”

Remember when I finally did come around I never did stop; I just kept
coming around and back around, around again, I never thought I would

Remember when I started stripping away the paint and all my walls began
coming down; wild morning hair, in my boy briefs and I told you all of my nightmares

Remember when you kissed my skin and I would shiver at how magical it felt
and you’d laugh at me and say, “Does that feel good?”

Remember when you first told me bout your mom and the Midwest; about Space; about the wars so far away

Remember when I trusted you; I trusted you so much I said:* I love you*…

You said it back

Remember half-smoked blunts in ashtrays
Remember tribal music
Remember empty bottles of IPAs
Remember telling me you dreamed that you could change the world
Remember the movies off of Metropolitan
Remember how I believed in you
Remember the only time we tripped
Remember the stars a couple hours away and the snow on the ground
Remember the love notes left on your bed as I’d quietly slip away to work
Remember the first time I cried
Remember making love before bed
Remember sleeping in
Remember making love when we awoke
Remember the first time you lied
Remember how you just kept lying
Remember forgetting my birthday
Thursday’s plans
The dinner date

Remember starting to fade

Remember how all the colors started to come out in the wash
Remember when the magnet started losing it’s magnetism
Remember my heart breaking
Crashing, twisting, curling, whispering tears
Remember the slice of warm cheese pizza I brought you from her party and
the last time you ever saw me before you disappeared

Remember that;

Remember me?
I still remember you.

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