Time Capsule Exhibition


Art Direction (storyboard, film, web media, animations)
Ensure the creative execution in collaboration with external suppliers

involved in

Development of print & web media
Film teaser exhibition
Exhibition content animations - iPad

collaboration with

Helmut agency 



Time Capsule Exhibition Hong Kong / Singapore / Bangkok / Berlin

Traveling from 1854 to the present day, visitors will embark on a journey that revisits landmark innovations on technology and design through the history of the luxury House. Time Capsule begins with French artisans demonstrating traditional leatherwork skills that remain as relevant today as they have been practiced within the walls of Asnieres in the past century. The exhibition then follows a visual timeline, focusing on five key aspects such as, the Codes of the House, Journeys around the World, Elegance and Beauty in Motion, Louis Vuitton and the Arts and Magic Malle.

Teaser film - social media content

The following film shows the space travel of the time capsule from the moon down to the final destination. 
Film production by Helmut Agency Paris

Exhibition content animations - iPad

Short movies which show the evolution and inspiration of LV products from the past to nowadays. 
Animation by Helmut Agency Paris

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