MAKING OF // SHOOTING TROPICAL May 21, 2014 – Posted in: Making Of, Shooting

Last weekend we were shooting the new collection ‘Tropical’ and it was a pleasure! We were so lucky with the weather and the team was perfect! Here some making of pictures and a special thanks to Munia Sbouri (Photo), Angélique Delabre (Video), Gwladys Viscardi (Make Up & Hair), Célia Millat, Eve Hea, Julie Feuillet, Mathilde Concy, Salomé Teisseire! Without you all it wouldn’t have been the same!


The summer can come and I hope to see all of you at ‘Des filles en aiguille’ ( 10 to 15 of june // 28,rue Beaurepaire 75010 Paris )

Soon more!!