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Milla Snorrason


Pascäal - I like the way you talk

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Reykjavik / Iceland, 2016


Milla Snorrason is an Icelandic clothing label releasing one collection annually. When creating the prints for each collection the focus is on one place in Iceland from where graphic forms derive, be it from nature or man made creations. The pieces you see in the video are part of the VONDUGIL 2016 Collection. It draws inspiration from Iceland's highlands. Vondugil, or Bad Canyons, is the name of one of the canyons on the Laugavegur trek and there designer Hilda Gunnarsdóttir photographed snow layers in the mountains as well as taking surface shots of sands and stones. These photos became inspiration for the collection's colourful and graphic prints.

You find her clothes in Reykjavik at Kiosk, the co-op shop owned by 4 Icelandic designers. 


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