Softcover book
Limited Edition (500)
93 pages


Project Management
Art direction & graphic design
Animation web content
Illustration :
serie fashion designer 
serie jazz musiciens 

collaboration with

Who's Next Fashion Trade Show
Atelier Meraki Production

Melissa Petit Text
Alexis Bosseray Illustration
Elliot Gamer Illustration
Agata Wolanska Photography
Kyla Quinn Interview

Creative team

Isabell Thrun
Audrey Silva Illustration
Charline Gröen Handlettering

where & when

Paris / France, 2018


Who's Next 2018 proves both its uniqueness and its interdisciplinary dedication by embarking upon the co-creation of this journal: The Jazz Age. This review is not to be a series of pages that follow one another, but rather a multidisciplinary work of art, where drawing, calligraphy, writing, fashion, music mingle to inspire all generations. 
Throughout The Jazz Age, you will follow the day of a young flapper : Louise, jazz singer, American, living in Paris. A fictional character, she makes you live her daily life based on real facts.  

fashion designer - paper collage
Coco Chanel - Elsa Schiaparelli - Jean Patou
jazz musiciens - digital collage
Louis Armstrong - Billie Holiday - Duke Ellington - Ella Fitzgerald - Miles Davis
photo serie - Speakeasy
Art Direction - Isabell Thrun
Photography - Agata Wolanska
Make Up & Hair - Alice de Chavanne
Models - Ana Tjang, Typhaine Joye & Clarck Ayessa
location - New Morning Paris
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